Online Blackjack- Why Do Dealers Always Win.

Most people believe that Blackjack dealers always win the game. You will hardly see the casino house losing. The reason is that the casino always has a better edge over the player. However, this does not mean that you can not win the Blackjack. But, why do dealers always win in Blackjack? Here are some reasons to consider.

Inexperienced Blackjack Player

Players need to understand that the Blackjack game is a game of skill and expertise. So they need to spend ample time learning how the game works before they start wagering for real money. Blackjack has several rules and strategies that you need to understand to help you succeed in the game.

  • The first thing to know is that the game is played against the dealer. Then you need to have a hand value that exceeds the dealer's hand.
  • However, keep in mind that you can't go over 21. This will lead to busting and you will lose your game

Each Blackjack card has a value attached to it. You should know how to calculate this value to help you make better hand decisions. All ace is valued at either 1 or 11. The face cards (J, K, and Q), including card Ten, have 10 points. The rest of the cards are counted based on their face value.

Not Using a Basic Blackjack Strategies

The Blackjack house advantage is at 0.5%, one of the lowest house edges of all casino games. However, it would be best to adopt some strategies to keep this house edge and get a better shot at beating the Blackjack dealer. One of the best strategies to adopt is the Basic Blackjack Strategy

Using the basic Blackjack strategy requires making the right decision on whether to hit or stand, split, double down or surrender. The decision should be based on your hand and the dealer's hand. Some players use this strategy, while some don't even bother to follow it. Not using the basic Blackjack strategy will increase the house edge.

Using a Betting System

Another factor that increases the Blackjack house edge is when a player follows certain betting systems. Though each betting system has its downsides and benefits, some will favour the casino dealer. An excellent example of these betting strategies is the Martingale betting system. It's a negative betting system, and the concept is straightforward.

  • Martingale betting system requires you to double your initial bet every time you lose a bet.
  • You will continue doubling until you win. Then return to your original wager.

However, this betting system works against the player's winning chances, especially if they are playing for a long time. If you are not doing well in the game, you might lose all your bankroll. Or probably run below the table maximum betting limit. When this happens, it becomes impossible to double your bet.

Bad Advice and Hans Per Hour

This is a game between the player and the house - it's a battle for the prize. So when you are stuck, it's very unlikely that the dealer will give good advice. We recommend that you don't take any advice from the dealer. He is playing for the house and would want the casino to win.

The number of hands you wager plays a vital role in determining your winning chances. If you are an individual going against the player, you might play several hands within an hour. However, using the basic strategy might later turn against you as the Blackjack dealer knows how to manipulate their players.

Other Factors to Consider

Before you start playing the game of Blackjack, be sure that you are in good health condition. Don't wager the game for real money when you are drunk. In addition, if you are tired from a long journey, make sure you take enough rest to clear your head before you start playing.

  • We know you can't wait to swing into action, but that is not the best option
  • You need to have a clear mind to make better hand decisions.

In Blackjack, side bets are profitable but might end up increasing the house edge. So if you lose the bet, it's going to be a lot of money. Blackjack players should avoid side bets like insurance at all costs. Additionally, most Blackjack dealers use Continuous Shuffling Machine, which exposes more of the player's bankroll to the house edge.